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Pneumatic hammers

Dear friends,

the anvils, forges and other tools for blacksmiths, we are pleased to offer pneumatic hammers in 5 sizes. Surely you know that get a little hammer is now very difficult and therefore we hope you find our offer interesting.

Offered hammers are manufactured in China. The manufacturer is also the heavy hydraulic equipment, presses, shears and special forming and forging machines for over 50 years. These hammers were recommended to us by our customer in Norway, where the blacksmiths are very popular for its simplicity and ease of use.


This pneumatic forging hammer is widely applicable to ordinary blacksmith work as drawing, stamping, piercing, cutting, welding, bending and twisting. It can also be used for fittings in zápustkách.


Operating the machine is simple, operation is performed by a hand lever and foot pedal. If necessary, you can perform the following movements: to keep the ram in the up position, pressing down to beat in single shots or in a series of light blows or full power. For the lubrication of the piston machine is equipped with an oil pump.

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air hammers

after anvils, forge and others tools for blacksmith, we offer to you pneumatic air hammer in five 5 size

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